Our Partnerships

We are grateful to benefit from a community of partners and supporters who are dedicated to calling our students to excellence in character and academic achievement.

Campaign for Catholic Schools

The Campaign for Catholic Schools is dedicated to raising private philanthropic support for rebuilding Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston and keeping them strong for generations to come. Their work is focused where need is the greatest – inner-city neighborhoods, where a safe and nurturing Catholic school can make all the difference in a child’s life. The Campaign’s generous investment supports approximately 18% of our total operating budget.


Catholic Schools Foundation

The Catholic Schools Foundation provides tuition assistance to TCA families, ensuring students experiencing financial hardship still have access to quality education focused on Catholic values and character formation.


City Connects in Catholic Schools, Boston College

Learning challenges, emotional well-being, health and family-related issues are all factors in a student’s ability to succeed in the classroom. The City Connects School Site Coordinator works with Trinity classroom teachers to assess each child’s strengths and identify obstacles impacting his or her opportunity to learn. The Site Coordinator then connects students and families with school and community-based resources, supporting them in building healthy connections with services to address identified needs.

Regis College

This unique academic collaboration is creating powerful results for the Trinity student body as well as tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. Upper Campus students receive quality primary health care services from a Regis College nurse practitioner faculty member in the schools’ nursing office, which also serves as clinical space for learning and hands-on-experience for Regis nursing students.


Stonehill College

A critical partner in the launch of Trinity Catholic in 2007, Stonehill continues to provide expert guidance and volunteers to the school’s ongoing success. The neighboring college’s involvement connects our elementary and middle school-aged children to graduates of post-secondary education and volunteerism. Volunteer members of Stonehill College Service Corps, a post-graduate service experience in which graduates work for nonprofit organizations in the community in which they reside, live in a home on the grounds of TCA’s Upper Campus called the Community House.

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC), Boston College

In our collaboration with BC, UCTC teachers commit to teaching for two years at a school in the Archdiocese of Boston, while completing a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the Lynch School of Education. UCTC teachers reside in the Community House located on the TCA Upper Campus and learn the core values of teaching as ministry, simplicity, community, and spirituality through simply living. Three UCTC teachers work at Trinity.


UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program 

UMass brings nutrition education into the classroom so our students learn first-hand the importance of a healthy diet. Offering group sessions that teach about healthy food and beverage choices, food preparation, food safety and fitness/physical activities, the UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program provides a practical, skill-based nutrition program to low-income families, and offers a newsletter to students which they can bring home to their families.